Tuesday, December 09, 2008

CAN I HAS Auto Industry Bailout? Plus, Gas Chart FTW

First of all....it's about time the gas was cheap again.
I may sound old, but I remember a time when I saw regular unleaded at 0.77 cents per gallon back in Texas. But it's not my fault gas prices quadrupled in 10 years.

Check this out, this chart is WIN!
All you have to do is put in some cities that are relevant to you and see the trends.

And now for more humor and less news.
Did someone say Auto Industry Bailout?

American Buisiness is such a spoiled underachieving brat.


  1. I'm thrilled about the cheap gas myself!!

  2. Ha! That is too funny! Love that image. I remember when gas was really cheap too.

  3. Once Obama takes the reigns even more of your money will be "taken."
    Enjoy it while you still can.

  4. I take it you didn't vote for him....I think you're WRONG!