Friday, December 05, 2008

Held Hostage by Children

I have been trying to get out of this house all day.
This morning I popped out of bed to change diapers, feed breakfast and put on the tv.
I didn't get even get my coffee until 1pm because I fell asleep around 11:30 after little guy was in bed at 10:30 and darling banshee was watching her favorite show after her snack.

She woke me up several times though just to make sure that my napping didn't actually do me any good.

So 1pm little guy still isn't awake yet and I'm groggy and the phone rings a couple of times. Dad, husband, some guy I bought something off the internet from but paid for the wrong kind of shipping so I had to go do the whole Paypal rigmarole again.

I even did some laundry.
I decided to go have dinner at my parents tonight because Al wants to go beat on drums at his friend's house tonight. So my chicken & pasta with white white onion & mushroom sauce will have to wait until tomorrow. I must say I shouldn't complain, but sausage & rice just isn't going to satisfy that tangy mushroom sauce craving.

It will fill me up though.


It's almost 5pm and I still haven't left yet!
I left the kids in their room for only a moment - YES I KNOW THOSE ARE THE MAGIC WORDS, AREN'T THEY? - and I'm thinking ok cool, we are all dressed, ready to go in a matter of moments now! AND THEN................



So in the bath he goes.
I had to dust off everything and wipe toys with a wet rag and now he is screaming in the playpen and I still have to vaccuum. It was all over her bed too so I'll have to change the sheets.
Will I ever leave?
Should I cancel?
Ugh, well I don't have a dinner ready that's for sure.
So....I have to go now, internets.
I have been defeated.

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  1. Oh god I can smelly the baby goodness from here!