Friday, December 12, 2008

Sorry about last night....

Oh last night I got the kids to bed at 7pm!
Hot damn!
I could play some WoW finally or wrap some presents or whatever I wanted!
And when husband came home from school I could maybe even get some, but NOOOOOOOO.
I got the WORST headache.
I felt sick to my stomach the pain was so bad.
SO I took 3 Motrin and went to sleep.
What a bummer.
What's worse is I had to get up at midnight cuz of the baby and didn't go back to bed until 3am because Al was up too and I got to doing stuff online or whatever.
Anyway, I couldn't get to sleep and then not 20 minutes after I finally fell asleep the baby was up AGAIN. UGH. was a rough night but at least my headache went away.

Today my parents came over for lunch, my dad brought me a wreath he'd made for me (he's a florist) and my mom came a bit later because she got a half day at work. It was nice because Al stayed home today for a vacation day and everyone hung out for a bit. My dad and I walked to the local florist shop where one of his ex-coworkers was now working, what a coincidence it's in my neighborhood and they talked shit about their old job and their old asshole of a boss. He got me some green Oasis florist's foam so I could make my own arrangement with the flora I got at the craft store. Very I can actually make it since I'll have something to stick the berries and foliage into.

They had to leave though because my sister didn't come with, she says because she was cranky and started her period, whatever, and they had to go back home and pick her up so they could go see a movie. Sometimes I think she doesn't realize she's a butthead. lol Thanks for not visiting, ya PMSing jerk!

Not much going on now. Kids down for nap.
Guess I'll play some video games or something.


  1. Yay for video games! Hope you have a better day today. :)

  2. Don't waste your time with video games. That's time that could be spent sending me money.

  3. Wow, sorry about the headache! Glad it went away. I won't tell you all about how I slept all weekend and had no babies to attend to in the middle of the night. Except that it's probably too late for that.