Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ugly Holiday Sweater & The Christmas Tree

Last night was so funny.
The 2008 Ugly Holiday Sweater Party as thrown by my friend Gene.
Of course the bastard also won the ugliest sweater award....but I was runner up! WOOHOO!

Posing for pics with the winner:

I got nice and toasty and I absolutely loved the hideous blue sweater I was wearing....complete with eggs and a stick of butter. The best over all christmas outfit was a girl named Candy who totally looked like an ornament.

I even did a shot of Jaeger which I hate.

But yeah....some pretty serious ugly sweaters, y'all...


We got our tree today!!!!
But I'm not done decorating yet.
It's a lovely Blue Spruce. Mmmmmm smells so good.
My little girl picked it out. It was surprisingly painless getting in and out of there! Hooray!


  1. Ok, NOW I get the ugly sweater thing. Man, those are BAD sweaters. I love the elf poop sweatshirt though, I wonder if I could find one on Ebay. Also...what's with the dude in pantyhose and boxers? HOTT

  2. I had dreams like this all through puberty.