Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Fear & Sleeping in Pennsylvania

Ok so I should not have stayed up til 1:30am playing WoW.
The baby slept from 9 to 4am.
I COULD have gotten a good night's sleep if I'd gone to bed at 10.
But nooo....I got about 2.5 hours of sleep then had to get up and feed him and make bottle and whatever. Then I got back to sleep at 5am. Then the kids were up at 7.

I am so damn tired.
Actually, yet again I should be trying to get a nap but I had to check something online and now look here I am blogging. The baby is down for his morning nap. The toddler is playing in her big pop up castle and other various toys. If I get this out fast enough I could put on Oswald the octopus and try to nap while she watches that. But now she is playing with the toy tool set and hammering a "nail" which is awesome because, you know, the baby is asleep and all.

My husband took the Trooper to work today instead of the train because 1)he was running late and was going to have to take a late train and he had a committee meeting to get to, and 2) he said my present was in the back and he didn't have time to cover it and didn't want me to see it so he just took it.

So now I'm afraid that someone ELSE will see it and take it! He does work in west Philly after all. Well, I'll hope for the best and not be afraid! H4\/3 |\|0 PH34|2!

Tonight I will be taking my sister to a club for her first time ever. And it's a goth/industrial club. Don't worry, I have spent plenty of time in places like this in my early twenties so it's not like I'm in for a shock or anything. In fact, I jumped online to see if I could look up a certain DJ that might get us in some kind of list or something. I wonder if he still goes to this weekly goth night or if he spins there even!

Well now I'm typing with my left hand because I just changed a shit diaper with the other. Time to go....


  1. You should try a Visigoth club.
    There's a lot more rapine behavior and pillaging involved.

  2. What the hell was that have no fear business? I head to read the last word like 4 times before I even saw how it was supposed to say "fear"! Dude, you are so much hipper than me. Plus, I don't even know if I've been to a night club, let alone a goth night club. I might as well be 85 and incontinent.

  3. Ok, added. On myspace, that is. I thought I changed my settings before, but I guess not. Anyhoodle, you'll find me there now :)