Saturday, December 06, 2008

Please Touch Me

Today Al and I took the kids to the Please Touch Museum.
It was a blast! (And you were probably thinking this was a horny post LOL!
My friend Tia invited us to go with her kids who are about the same ages only her boy was first and her girl was the younger one. I called her my son's girlfriend. haha so cute. My son and her Cambodian GF. ADORABLE.

The PTM is an awesome place for kids.
Finally, a place where everything is "yes yes yes" instead of "no no no."
At first my little munchkin didn't know what to do with herself.
Could she touch these things?
She mostly looked at everything but didn't go near it.
I had to tell her go ahead, go play, get up there, do you want to see it, go ahead and touch it, it's ok, etc etc.
It made me think, OMG my daughter is so scared I'll yell at her she doesn't touch anything, which can be a good thing and a bad thing if that's the case. I mean she may just be tentative by nature. But I seriously wondered if I was breaking her spirit by telling her no no no all the time and not giving her anything to do but watch tv during the day. My excuse is that I'm so dead tired all the time from the baby waking up during the night. I can't wait until he sleeps through the night like she does.

On the other hand, it is kind of good that she has listened to my no no nos and is thoughtful enough not to run towards all these things screaming and pushing other kids down trying to get to things they find fascinating. My baby isn't a neanderthal! She's a classy lady! w00t!

But you see my dilemma?
Do I suck and I'm just a mean mommy that's holding my smart little cookie back by not stimulating her enough? Or am I lucky that I have a smart little cookie that already knows to restrain herself (at least when I'm looking haha) before the age of 3? My gut tells me I need to cut that tv shit out and get out more. So I've been sucking, I guess. I'm just so tired.

Well, the place had all kinds of stuff for them to do anyway.
She eventually got in to it and had a blast.
There was a play grocery store where kids could push a little cart around and pick up play food from the shelves and go to the checkout. She only filled up her cart halfway with fruits and veggies and some cake mix and mac & cheese boxes. That's my girl! No processed foods for us! I saw other kids with their baskets full to the brim with everything in the place!

There was a medical center with little babies and bottles and diapers like a nursery, stethoscopes, lab coats, and x-rays on the wall.

There was a little "stoop" area with 2 houses, one with a porch, it was all fenced off with a white picket fence of course, and there was a play garden with silk flowers, and mops and brooms and a vacuum. There were even cool adirondack chairs for parents to sit in as if it were the yard to the houses. She loved it in there.

There was a water play area with water tables galore, splashing and rubber ducks and water wheels and all that jazz. I'm surprised she didn't stay there longer.

She loved the slides that we could find.

There was this awesome Alice in Wonderland maze made out of fake hedges with a giant tree in the middle where she had her best time. The tree was hollow and inside was a lit room with a "cast iron" stove and a table with a tea set on it. She loved pouring tea for everyone. I had no idea she was a tea party kind of girl. I'm so happy to find out my mom got her a tea set for xmas and I'm excited for her! She's gonna love it!

Unfortunately after a while the baby was screaming from being tired and I left the stupid binky in the car so we had to go.

We said bye to Tia and headed to his work to pick up a computer (he's a head honcho IT guy - see I knew I'd marry an IT guy lol) then we went home.

I made a delicious meal (baked chicken with mushroom & onion, white wine sauce, vermicelli pasta and fresh broccoli with cheese. Oh yeah.

Welp, there are only 2 minutes left until midnight so I better publish this long ass blog so it counts for today. BAM!

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  1. Oh my gosh that sounds like the funnest mosty fun place EVER. They didn't have those when I was a kid, I wasn't allowed to touch anything anywhere! I think you're doing fine, she's learning there's a time and place for certain behavior. Don't worry about it!